Hello! I’m John Seddon, a photographer and filmmaker based in Sheffield, UK. I work locally and internationally and have had the privilege of capturing life in some of the remotest corners of the world.
I specialise in portrait photography and documentary filmmaking. My work tells a story and I love telling the stories of the great things that people do and the diversity of culture across the world. It’s our craft and we put our heart into every project. I love working with innovative individuals and great causes whether that’s a creative project on our doorstep (Sheffield) or an observational doc in some remote corner of the world.
People are doing great things everywhere, we have the privilege of capturing that.​​​​​​​
Since our humble origins in 2016 we’ve gained worldwide experience:
Brazil // China // Solomon Islands // India // France // Malawi // Indonesia // Jordan

We also do the odd wedding. He's me in "Wedding Photography Mode".

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